About us

About us

About STS

STS Hospitality - The company provides service setup, professional hotel management.

STS is a professional unit in the setup, consulting, and hotel management. With the understanding of culture, tourism and hotel market in Vietnam, STS is confident of bringing success to the project. STS Hospitality's leadership team and local and international professionals have extensive experience in managing, consulting, and setting up 3-5 star hotels and associated services.

Not only is the service provider, STS Hospitality commitment is always the accompanying investor (may contribute capital or the investment) towards spiritual and result WIN - WIN

Core values

The core values:

  • Innovation is our trademark
  • The spirit of conquest is our growth engine
  • Performance is the key to our continued success
  • Respect is basis of all our relationships
  • Trust is the foundation of our management

Our vision

Our vision is: