Hoa Binh Hotel: A long-standing tradition property in Vietnam

Oct 15, 2018

More than a century ago, on the corner of Ngo Quyen - Ly Thuong Kiet street, there is always a hotel whose history has been associated with the ups and downs of the land of thousand years of civilization.
From the past glorious

The inhabitants of the capital, known as Le Coq d'Or, are located at the corner of Carreau and Henri-Rivière (today Ly Thuong Kiet and Ngo Quyen streets). In the years 1917 - 1918, the French decided to build a 2-storey hotel with lavish French architecture, reserved only for French officials and the elite of Indochina. enjoyment, with 56 rooms, including 12 class super luxury. In 1932, after the transfer, Le Coq d'Or Hotel was renovated, upgraded to 3 floors, with a total of 80 rooms and was renamed Le Splendid.

Not only were the French in favor of peacefully restored, with favorable location near the Opera House, Ho Guom, Old Quarter, as well as administrative offices, the hotel was chosen by the State as the place. Welcoming international diplomatic delegations and renaming it Hoa Binh, managed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, expresses the desire for a peaceful place to live between the center of the capital and the peaceful spirit of the nation.

In October 1969, Hoa Binh Hotel was assigned to Hanoi Tourism Corporation to manage to this day. In the 1980s, Hoa Binh Hotel was one of the few hotels in Hanoi to receive international and Vietnamese tourists. Many foreign delegations, writers, leaders, international businessmen have stopped and worked here when they came to Vietnam.

Having renovated and upgraded so far, the hotel has 4 floors with 103 modern, comfortable rooms with elegant and polite design, French style; Bring the feeling of luxury but equally cozy for each traveler to stay in the hotel.

To the sustainable development

Hoa Binh hotel on Ly Thuong Kiet street.

Socio-economic changes require the leadership of Hanoi Tourism Corporation to have new directions for the development of this historic hotel. 2016 marked a great leap forward when the comprehensive renovation project, with the participation of consulting and hotel management professional STS Hospitality was deployed scale, the model has brought a wind new hotel.

Handing over and managing Hoa Binh Hotel from Q2 / 2016, STS faces many challenges while simultaneously carrying out many strategic tasks: On the one hand, to improve service quality in the context of integration with the development of tourism in Hanoi as well as the whole country; On the other hand, preserving the historical values ​​has been continued for more than a century.

Within two years, Hoa Binh Hotel's revenue has grown 35% in the first year and 20% in the following years. The average room occupancy rate was 80%, of which nearly 50% were European (Australia, France, Germany) and Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan). The hotel is also honored to achieve many notable achievements such as the title of leading 3 star hotels in Vietnam in 2016, the hotel will serve most of Japan in 2017.

Stairs with French colonial architecture are preserved and stored in the hotel.

Noteworthy and also architectural imprints from the French era of the hotel are still preserved and kept to this day. "